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Did you had experience lost your luggage ?  

No ! Congratulations ^o^ , you are so lucky !

Yes ! /o\" Take the Luggage tags act now ! 

Airlines lose the luggage of more than 5,000 fliers per day ! If your bags are lost, will they know how to find their owner?

Luggage Tags can make your luggage out standing and it help prevent thievery and loss.

Luggage tags to help you spot your bag on the carousel more easily.

We have many difference materials of options to make the special Luggage Tag .

Yuki T Company Limited established in 1998, we have our own factory in china and main office in Hong Kong  .

We specialize in producing high quality, professional custom made Luggage Tags, with your own graphics, own die-cut & own design ! Our factory in China and office in Hong Kong so we have the best Quality , timely shipment , good service and highly competition price .We cooperates with many international famous company and association . Our products is very helpful to promote their trademark and maximize their profit. If you have any question about Luggage Tags .

Please don't hesitate to contact us : (852) 8200 0199 / (852) 2427 1817 or via e-mail : sales@yuki-luggagetag.com.hk


Luggage Tag

Wide range of material such as Hard PVC card / Soft PVC / PP / PE / Rubber / Synthetic Leather / Leather / Wood and Metal  in order to fit your requirement.

1. Credit card type Luggage tag                2. Soft PVC" Luggage tag            3. Paper Luggage tag

4. GENUINE Leather Luggage tag            5. Metal Luggage tag                    5. Rubber Luggage tag

6. Synthetic Leather Luggage tag        7. Wooden Luggage tag                8. 3D graphic Luggage tag

9. 2D change graphic Luggage tag

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